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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is there any real right and wrong?

As we grow up, we learn how to cope, how to adapt and more importantly how to except other into our life. When it comes to you and me, him or her, or even them, we learn that most of us are different in our own ways and then, we learn to compromise with each other. In a certain actions or characteristic, when it comes to differences/conflicts, can we really say that you are wrong and we are right? Given the nature of how we are brought up, thing that we have been trough, for a simple term like friendship, do everyone have the same definition of what a friend mean? One might say companion, some might take it as an advantages and some might not even believe in the word itself. So, which is wrong and which is right? Can we safely assume a person who doesn't believe in the word friend to be wrong? In one room fill with 10 peoples, if one happen to be friends with 7 peoples, is it right to classified that person as an unfriendly person for not knowing the other 3 people? Is it right to say, I don't need to know him/her because there is no need to? When it comes to all of these questions, it depends on each individual. It is not up to us or even you to judge a person when it comes to their own characteristic because in the end, how well do you know your friends. People like to say, when you say something about somebody, look at yourself first but I find it rather funny because this is the person who usually doesn't see themselves too let alone judging other people. Having said all that, having to accept which is right or wrong is like picking up cloths; we choose our own style, which of the cloths feel comfortable to us. If the cloth doesn't fit, there is no point for you and me, him or her, or even them to be forcing each other to like one another.