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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Having alchohol at noon on first day of 2006

On New Year Eve, I have like 5 invitation to party/clubbing/countdown and what did i do for the last day in year 2005... sleep at home. NO... to be precise, i was sick and to make myself more pethetic, i crawl to my window and strech out my hand and shout... you young people out there.. go safe urself while u can.. leave me be.. i shall rot here bymyself. 1st day of 2006, i woke up feelin like a rotten egg, eat like 3 active fast panadol and go out meet my fren at 1 Utama and stupidly order long island tea at T.G.I Fridays. I dunnu whether it is the fever, or the Panadol or the Alchohol, but i know my head started spinning and I was drunk. My frens is worried, and the waitress is laughin at me... i almost go over and ask for her number... come to think of it.. i should ask her number. Anyway, after like 3 cigarrette and 1 glass of hot water, i was able to stand up and walk... This is so retro of me... hehehe...

Anyway, my first post for 2006 is about food. First... T.G.I Fridays, the Long Island Tea is nice (not bcos i was drunk), better than Chilli Steak House. As for the burger... well i hatta reconsiderate the burger. The burger is not nice at all and the fries was a total dissapointment. Please do not order the burger if u happen to be there. Wherelse, the buffalo wings... same like Chilli, nice, salty and tastety... For dinner, we went to this Char Chan Teng at 1 Utama opposite of Guardian... I order, Ice Lemon Green Tea. The taste is no where like green tea but it make a nice lemonade and big too. For the main course, i ordered honey pork rib with vege rice. The taste is just moderate. Just like a typical RM3.50 plate of fried pork rib with rice but this place charge for 8.20 plus 15% tax... so u might recomsiderate ordering it.

Another 10 min and and it is official, the end of first day of 2006... it was fun... This blog started like 2 years ago and i guess that time have change everything... thank you for reading my blog and i hope to entertain u guys in near future with my pethetic content... wakakakakaka


Blogger Kampungkai said...

If only human's eyes can zoom and focus like a digicam's. Then it would make all food much more delicious and mouth-watering! That chicken dish is making me hungry. Happy New Year!

4:48 PM  

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