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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Food Adventure of CSFB!!!

Ok... CSFB stand for crazy Shit and Freakin Bi-atch. Freakin Bi-atch is my comic dealer and she bring me to this shangrila hotel and eat this so-called buffet at the Lemon Green something garden restaurant. The place is veli exclusive... and to have shitty ppl like me who have no sense in fashion go in with my slipper... I kinda like the design of the place itself.. veli clam zen feeling when u dine at that place... However, the food... well... if the place is "yin" then the food is "Yang". For those who wanna go dine at that place, please do not even bother taking the chinese dished, noodle counter, malay/indian food... i tell ya... dimsum: Ha Kau... the skin is like hard plastic, i take that and throw at that bi-atch and the skin didnt even break (talk about long lasting condom)...the pandan chickhen... took me like 15 min to open the freakin pandan chickhen and twice harder than that Ha Kau.. Satay.. AYOMAK... rendang, fish... just forget it la... u cook it urself and spit on it still taste better than tat...

Ok... the western cousine is nice... the chickhen and fish something ala cate... that is a must try. Simply take a big white plate and put the one fish on top and covered it with orange sos.. waa tell u.. like eat at western country only... the roasted beef... WAH LAU.. damn sedap... The sushi bar is limited but overall, i give it 7 out of 10 point. The only thing i find unusual is the dessert. I think this place is specialise in the chocalate itself... i simply like the idea of the chocolate fountain and you can like stand there and lok lok it with any fruit u want. Me, since im lazy, i took a bowl and fill it up and then took all the fruit i wan and settle the whole hassle... I think other than tat, the cake is good... anyway, enjoy the food pic.. this is just the half of what i eat.. lazy to stop and continue on since im pretty stuck with my fork and knife.. wakakakakaka


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