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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Worth fighting for employee rights...

When we first venture out into the working word, we are expected to talk and confidently prove ourselves to people that aside from owning a degree, we are still able to work efficiently. However, when working in a company, we are somehow expected to shut our mouth and do as we are told. What happen to giving feedback, exchanging ideas and the right to speak out our mind? Whether it is ideas, doubt or confusion, why our mouths are are somehow tied up by people above us... Truth to be told, I find it very sad that the reason why this occur are not because we are not afraid to speak out but rather being place the position of being inexperience, and being young.

In the world or professionalism, managers or seniors shouldn't discriminate people below them, rather guide them or at least open up to their ideas and except it if it is good. People who have years of experience should know not to indulge into their kiasu-ism behavior or feel threaten by junior getting their job. If a junior can get higher than a senior role in a company, then it should be the senior who should be blame for slacking off. Many managers especially, after getting the title "manager" doesn't mean they could sit their lazy ass in the office, do nothing and occasionally bully other below him. Even working in a project, a simple project manager has a huge responsibility to balance all the requirement and consultation from the client, management and from his teammates. They should be a team player and in a project, people should work as equally providing their expertise in the project itself. We are not talking about a hierarchical working class where we are force to do all the shitty work where else the project manager just slack off. In the end, who gets the blame if something went wrong? The lower class people will be the one that suffers the consequences. What happen if the project was a success? The managers will got all the credit where else we suck behind with nothing but learning experience and a pay that doesn't even fit to what we have done.

Juniors are expect to work 24/7 everyday and doesn't get paid off. For me, I finish work at 6 pm, why? Because I properly plan and productively finished my work on time and always finish my work in advance. Does that make me any less productive than other who work more than 9 hour and didn't get the job done. However, working until 6 pm and go back somehow giving the misinterpretation that I am not productive and the amount of project that I have done on time are not a viable to prove that I am productive.

When people are leaving their job because they can't stand what they are dealing with, they will be surprise that they would face the same thing over again in the next company. Why I say that? This is because, it have become a culture in Malaysia company that senior are given the privileges to slack off and junior have to do all their works for 24/7. We might gain the experience and learn something, but in the end, are we happy being torture like that and continuously torture for the rest in our life. I'm not craving for a luxuries life or an easy life, but this shouldn't be the case where working class people should be bullied to become a slave. People should realize that this is not the culture we should adapt. Look at what the westerner company are doing and they do just fine and even greater than any company in Malaysia. In Malaysia, being just an employee doesn't have any right to fight back or argue our point and we let other blindly step on our head. Should the case of "if you can't fight them, join them" be implement here or should we do something about it. I don't know about other, but I'm not going to sit down and do nothing about it. We should stand up for our right as an employee and speak up if anything is mistreated. We should fight for out rights. I am.... Are you?

ps: Even if we were to become a senior in future, we shouldn't be slacking off and repeat the mistake what our senior are doing. We should make a different and show the next generation in line that what it take to be working in an enviroment where we are all equally happy for what we are doing and do something which should be proud off. Although the company if not ours but we should have the culture of commiting to that company and grow with it. If we are to make Malaysia a growing country, we should stop this culture and prove ourselve and make a different. Who is with me?


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