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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where Loves Reside

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine told me he was in love with this girl and every since, my friend been calling her, chatting with her and apparently trying his best to win the girl heart. Today, he told me that the girl has a boyfriend. Being a friend, I told him I was sorry to hear that but instead, he told me, he already has a date with another girl tomorrow night. A few friends of mine once told me the easiest way to get a girlfriend and go steady with her is during the college time because apparently when we start working, we have no time to find one and that is why we need a backup. A friend of mine, who apparently was married and still is, cheated on his wife by meeting other woman half his age and sadly to be told, he is still doing it.

When it comes to love, people often fool themselves that they were able to love someone for eternity. What they fail to mention was the love they had was never for that someone but for someone else. Love was never a something special one had with another, it is just a special moment that last for a short period of time then move on to another person. When you met that special someone and you called it "love at first sight" and then have this huge so-called announcement that you are in love. Ask yourself, is that really love or just plain high school crush on someone. When you are in a relationship, can you say that you are in love with your partner or was it because you just need someone in your life so you won't look as pathetic as you used too. When in a relationship that doesn't work out, where does the love goes? Is love so plain nowadays that it somehow become so meaningless and empty? But then again, who are me to argue at this point... Truth to be told, I was never a believer when it comes to true love and yet, still I question myself all this while what does being in love means.


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