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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I wanna RIP their head off...

You know, when people say that whenever you go, you tend to meet some really fuckup people, and May I advise you... believe them. I not gonna waste my time complaining about my past fuckup people cos what is the point talking about them when you can bitch about the current one. Once upon a time, I saw this very beautiful lady and I admire her cos she looks some-what amusing which btw, is a freaking bitch. The freaky thing is, you can never tell by just looking at her. She is kinda like this beautiful thing that attracted you and then kill u on the spot.

Seriously, the thing is, I never talk to her but I greet her when I met her. I smile at her when I pass by her and I talk in the most good-manner way I could with her. But this bitch, like to insult me in any way she could just becos I'm too FAT. Read it and weep it my friends and believe me, this so called miss attitude has a kid and man do I feel sorry for her.

When I am in charge of food for a party, she goes "Shit, I don't expect there would be any food left cos you eat it all up". When we eat at the same table, she goes "Don't you come over and steal our food". When we are in the same office, she goes "No wonder the internet line is slow, you hog all the line". When we were about to eat, she goes "Please, don't come near the food" or "Please be the last person to take the food cos there might have some left for u to hog it all up" and all the fucking bitching comment she had on me.

What is the problem with her? Tell me, am I over sensitive here or does she have some issue with me. I know for once she got her PERIOD and leave the toilet bowl all fill with her blood but yet I still smile to her and treat her as a person. Why can she do the same for me ... well, minus the part about the period. Anyway, my point is... I know I am FAT and I pay for what I eat. If I happen to eat in a group, I keep my portion small and then later go out and eat like a pig cos I dunwan other people to pay extra for my portion. Even if someone want to pay for my food, I wouldn't feel comfortable cos I dunwan to actually kill their wallet so that my stomach is full. Man, this bitch... seriously, I so wanna chop her pretty face off and kick it back to fucker land. This muthafucker seriously need someone to stick a stick up her guccimama ass and shut her bitchy FAT mouth up.


Blogger cyber-red said...

u know ahhh, some ppl show their liking by covering up and pissing u off? =P

just a theory...

12:44 AM  
Blogger HushNow said...

Ekkk.... NO WAY.. this bitch is married...

10:03 AM  

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