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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fat people & Non-Fat people

I guess being fat, there comes a time when you get lots of critics from non-fat people. Seriously, I live my life being fat and most of the time I felt that people get irritate by my present... like I took up their space on earth. Being fat, it is either you got bully or GOT BULLY by other people. For me, I find that most of the non-fat people are irritating the most. Not only they tease you or say something hurtful, they exclude when there is any event but call you and treat u like their some-what best friend because they need your help to carry stuff simply because I am fat. Although I took some space on earth, I stand there quitely, why can't the non-fat people do the same?

Seriously, I find rather funny, because I used to slim down for good, but then I'm still consider in the F.A.T category. Imagine me from size 40 pants to 28 and I'm still the famous FAT asshole everyone knows. Anyway, I'm back being fat again; I guess I can't get away from all the delicious food in Malaysia. However, just entered gym recently to maintain and cut down some fat. Been a week now since I joined and I guess that I have loose some weight plus a huge blister below my feet. Didn't notice the blister before until yesterday, the blister broke and water keep running out and it pain like hell. I find it is interesting because the blister is like quarter of my feet and I saw a white layer below my skin and I go tangan gatal and cut all the skin out. It was fun at first until the next morning, I couldn't walk at all and the pain, somebody just take a gun and kill me right now. This is called chi kei loh suih, sendiri cari pasal, or serves me right.


Blogger KY said...

maybe it's not so much as fat as not good looking enough? hehe

3:46 PM  
Blogger HushNow said...

hmm... non-fat not good looking ppl still ok, people still tolerate with them... fat is another case... if combination of both...i can say.. i pray hard for them..

5:11 PM  
Blogger Kampungkai said...

those skinny PAI GUAT, ownself malnutrition, say ppl fat! hopeless bone ppl... curse whoever who prejudice plum ppl!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Miaka said...

sigh... i understand exactly how that feels. but luckily no one ever call me by the fatty nicknames ed... Though I wish I could slim down more...

4:22 PM  

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