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Saturday, October 15, 2005

End of Blogging?

Having my finger touching the keyboard and wanted to start blogging about something, it suddenly occurs to me that I have nothing to write about. I have tons of things to say, thing that stuck in my mind and I do have a lot of unfinished journal that still waiting me to put an ending to it but why do I suddenly felt so empty. I so wanted to write about my trip back to my family to help up on moving to new house, I wanted to write about how I misses the old house and how I stay up all night just staring at my old room before the day I moved out. I even wanted to write about my work and how thing got so tied up in a mess that even I myself couldn't untied it. Having said all that, I didn't know what I am anymore these days. Thing that I shouldn't be worried and it somehow affect my mood and I somehow go crazy and cut my hair in Mohawk style with a bald line like Mike Tyson. I thought that I will get screw up big time with my boss but they like it eventually and said that if I go for interview for the post Art Director, I might get the job just because of my hair. Anyhow, back to blogging... is this really the end of blogging. Given the time off, I somehow couldn't find the appropriate word to express out my feelings or even couldn't think of anything to write. My friends say that I only write blog if I am emotionally gone crazy or depress. Is it a good signing that I rarely blog anymore these days. Even some of the good blogger that I like to read from time to time have stop writing anymore. Have we somehow lost interest in blogging or is blogging season have just past and I haven't aware of it. I don't know about myself... should I continue blogging about meaningless stuff anymore and focus on something else. Hmm… we'll see how it goes.


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