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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Being Confirm .. Yippeee.....

When it come to a sudden certain point of time, we tend to look back and look how far we have gone and how much we had change along the journey to some yada yada extend. Yesterday, after working for 3 month, I've been confirm and thankfully, I've been place in a position that I can officially say that I am moving up one notch to become a Project Manager. I was given a role as a Project Lead and although this doesn't seem much for some who have work for 1 year plus as a programmer but I am for once happy to have that title because I seriously earn it and I am slowly moving up with more hard work and commitment. However, when I look back one year ago, when I start work and how I perform in my previous and current job, I was actually surprise of what I have done and achieve so far. I was never the kind that is confident enough to say that I did a good job or perform well or was it because I’ve listen to many criticisms from other people on how bad my stuff is.

I was told from one of my ex-colleague that when I step off from that company, I will never survive or I would not last long in one company because he says I was cheap and naïve in some sort of ways. Some even critic that all I do is complaint and never got my work done and I will never deserve what I want in the end. Most of the critic makes me unease and it make me wonder, are they all right at one point? Back then, in my previous company, my team successfully delivery 1.4 million projects and I single hand did all the design, documentation, PR, managing, presentation and contribute my programming skill with my team but why still I not get the recognition from other people. I left my company thinking where I did wrong and then I enter my current company.

It was hard at first, but I did nothing much but continue expanding my knowledge and continue my normal working procedure as what I did in my previous company and to think that in just 3 month, they somehow give back my confident and give me something for what I worth and also beleiving in me for what I've done. In the end, when I look back at my past, all I can do is laugh at it and smile. Not because of what other say wrongly about me, and I don't need to prove myself to them or anybody. I will still keep moving forward and hopefully I will reach my destination of becoming somebody. Somebody who is not afraid of what is thrown to him and somebody will change a future for a better cause and having a life worth living for. I congrat myself for being this far and having this role.. WOO HOOOOoooooo.....


Anonymous Bernie said...

Yeah, congrats on a job well done!

A few advice from a friend
- keep your feet on the ground
- remember your team mates

I tend to see that you attribute much of the success of a project to yourself but remember, that is just not possible. To claim that you are a big contributor is simply being arrogant and naive. It is different if other people attribute the success to you, but to say so yourself is... big headed ;)

To be a successful leader, one must learn to step away from the spotlight and let the team take center stage. Only then, will people remember you in a positive light.

If you read your (read it carefully), you made no mention of your team. Be aware of this as I see this is your biggest flaw.

2:38 AM  

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