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Friday, September 09, 2005

Why do most project fail?

In any given situation, I couldn't help but wonder... why do most projects fail or typically why a project couldn't meet its deadline? Was it the technology or was it simply bad project management? In most cases, I always think that project was something straight forward and with a proper planning and scheduling, none of these so called issues would ever occur. Heck, many peoples come out with so many best practices on how to manage a project but yet, why have so many had failed? Given a simple project, one might blame the timeline is short, over workload, bad technology, inexperience and bla bla bla but yet, why can't anyone see that the problem here is the resources itself.

When it comes to project management, to me, it is none other than applying simple common psychology processes with good time management. Even when dealing with huge project and with little resources on hand, still there is a possibility of successfully finishing a project. In a project, psychology plays a huge role in manipulating the resources on hand. Not in a bad way, but lets see it as a team motivation. People are not hard to understand, people are just creature with feeling and a little bit of encouragement might do some wonders. In a project, knowing your teammates and know how to compromise with them is the first step to work together as a team. Build a strong foundation among each other and you will get "Communication" which I think is the key to most things. It is not always about the company, it is not because we are hired to do our stuff or it is not because I have to do it because it is just work, but we do it for the goals and a sense of achievement for both ourselves and to the company. But do we realize that, sadly none of us have.

In most project, it is not just for the sake of finishing it, we must somehow come out with something that have quality and also live up to a certain standard that bring ourselves upfront among other competitor. Do you think that an overload resource might perform well in their work, and even if they manage to finish it on time, do you think the work is quality enough? Where is the sense of time management here? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and does anyone care about this Jack the dull boy? NO. I find it rather funny when I went for most interviews as a programmer. To most company, they expect programmer to work 24/7 and the usual questions would be "Do you have a problem working late?" First thing that strike my mind is that this company don't have a proper time management for their pitiful staff. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem working late but working 24/7 have make a mockery out of me, making me feel dumb in a way for not able to be as productive as I hope I would be.

When people work late, people tend to complain that they don't have a life, they feel tired, exhausted and de-motivated and to make matter worst, they probably get blame for not being so productive. You see, with this stupid little stuff, I probably think that these dull people would later spend most of their time thinking about leaving the job or probably brain malfunctioning than they would ever participate in a project itself. Because of that, a project got delay for no reason at all. It is always bias when it come to work, there will always be a person who got all the attention and the other which is still stuck in a shadow. This kind mindset which favoring their teammates will cause resources wastage. Yes, I agree that some perform better than other, but would you agree that by having one superman and overload him with the entire task will make his/her work any better or having a superman and share his work loads with his/her other few sidekick will. The resource is there, why not fully utilize it and yet, we blame other issues for project failure. Anyway, I think I talk crap long enough but at least it help me realize some important aspect of being one of the teammate and how one affect one another and how we all work as a team.


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