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Monday, September 19, 2005

What would you ask?

Apparently, when things never turn out the way it is or when thing starting to get rough and when you are somehow worries about what might become in your future, there is only one thing to do... see a fortune teller. When I was young, I never did actually believe in these fortune yada shit... you know, having your future predicted where else most prediction somehow end up so generic until I myself could even predict my own future. Kind of like, you must beware while driving this year, you would either change job or get a raise this year. Well, not to say that I'm a non-believer but all of these seem so corny. I mean, common... it is been always like a so-called-fashion-trend for people to change job... when you don't get a raise, therefore you leave for a better one and I definitely don't need a crystal ball to tell me that.

However, speaking of which... it is always a friend's friend who always end up with this famous fortune tellers and somehow, the story always sounds so convincing and shame of me to say this, but I think I'm kind of tempted to go myself. Not for any particular reason but with the recent incident happened to me which I didn't know what or how I should feel anymore, I felt that, by knowing some thing out from a fortune teller might at lease ease up a bit of my tension. However, people go to fortune teller because there is something bothering them. For instance, love life, career, money, house wreck and etc, I couldn't help but wonder what I am going to. When I look at my life, it is just like an empty glass, and I didn't know what or where to begin.

Then again, should I go... what if, thing doesn’t turn up like it used to, what if even more bad news or what if, coming out and yet still feeling empty as I was before. Should I worry myself even more? Even if I knew what is going to happen, will I able to change my fate. Fortune teller read our future like reading our destiny diaries where everything is written so clear that it might happen in our future. What if I somehow change my course of direction, will the book show differently from what the fortune teller told me earlier? There is so much possibility in life but in the end, it is worth knowing your future or grab it by the balls and embrace it?


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