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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Asses are not just for shitting...

On one unfortunate event, I was stuck in the middle of a dancing school. I didn't know how I got there or how my friends trick me there but the fact that I was there. Here in my mid twenties and I am stuck with a bunch of fifties people dancing in a sixties dancing school. It was BAD that I have to tolerate with their version of "getting jiggy" with it” but the fact that the horror of having the experience seeing most grandpas there dress up like some version of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" was more that I can tolerate. There, in the middle of the room... all I can see is a bunch of wood sticking up and down with no move at all. However, it got me thinking... since when sixties come back in style and even so since when elderly people become so hip and happening of all the sudden.

It would seem that dancing school has suddenly become the replacement for "disco" for grandpas and grandmas (Oops... do people still use the word Disco...). What surprise me even more is that my mum too get hook with this so called dancing school and just about an hour ago, she told me that "Asses are not just for shitting but shaking it". Imagine this, your mum used the phrase "shake you booties"... talk about suicide. Then it got me thinking, imagine one hot weekend, when you are feeling hip and trending and ready to go clubbing when your parent too are ready with their "Grease" theme outfit and as ready as you are to go dancing school. That is so weird. I mean no offence. I didn't mean when one go wrinkle up doesn't mean they can't have some fun. It just that, I have certain image of elderly people where it doesn't involve them saying "Cool" or "Shake your booties". Well, I guess that I'm the only mid twenties people that is not so open-minded about this stuff. Heck, I bet that the elderly people nowadays are more hip than I am. Here I am, in my mid twenties working 24/7 and them, boogie all night long.


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