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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where am I... and What does it really mean...

As I open my eye, I was on a train, sitting next to the window. Outside was dark and everything passes so quickly for me to even glimpse at where I am except for the moon, shinning still in the sky. Then I notice, I wasn't carrying anything and my trailer was empty except for me, a little girl who is crying and an old man, all sitting separated far apart. I looked at the little girl crying but then I realize there is no sound, not even a slightest train sound. Everything was mute. Looking at the little girl, somehow she looks very familiar and yet I couldn't remember who she is. I was starting to freak out but still, I was stuck with million of questions or more importantly, where I am. As I stood up from my seat, the train stopped and the door opened. I didn't know what to do but somehow, I felt this is my stop.

I walked out and there I stood alone, confuse, frustrated and scare. I felt, there is nothing I can do but just walk and hoping along the way, I could get some answers. The first few steps, I was scared and walking in this empty road, I felt so insecure and unpredictable. Slowly, my steps becomes faster and faster and finally, I run. I run as long as I can remember until..., I reach a bungalow in front of me. The lights were on and I saw shadows of peoples walking in the house. I opened the door and there I saw, all those familiar faces and yet, I'm having difficulty remember who they all are. As I walk pass trough the familiar crowd, I notice some of them laughing at me, staring at me, and some pity me and yet I couldn't hear them. Am I somehow become deaf or was it something else. I felt as if I'm standing there and the world just spins endlessly.

Questions keep pilling up and yet still no answer. I didnt know why, but I rush into the toilet, locking myself inside, away from those entire crowds. I saw myself in the mirror and I was pale. I turn the taps on and splash the water on my face. This time, the mirror shows me a reflection of all the people I know, peoples which I call my friends. I bang on the mirror, shouting, calling to them but there were no sound and they didn't notice me. I continue banging until the mirror shattered into million pieces. One of the pieces struck into my eye and then I open my eye. I was in my room and I can hear the sound of my fan spinning and then I realize, I was dreaming all along. The dream got me restless and tired that whole day but most of all, until now; I couldn't help but wonder, why is that little girl crying, who is the other old guy, why is everyone laughing at me, judging me, and why can't my friends hear me, why are they ignoring me and most importantly what does this dream really means...


Blogger Seymour Cakes said...

It means you need to sleep earlier and eat well.

12:43 PM  

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