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Monday, August 29, 2005

New Technology... USB-Sage

Still remember the movie "Matrix"...remember the part where NEO hatta stuck a huge cable behind his head and transfer some Kung-FU tricks into his mind. Wouldn't that be great if that really apply to all of us... well, accept minus the part where we have to shave our f***ing head to look like Sinead O'Conner. Anyway, let me introduce the latest technology called: USB-Sage...

We first have to implant the USB-Sage port into our forehead and then used the USB cable to plug it into our PC. See, simple and tidy... no need to worry like what our poor Keanu Reeve did in Matrix. Once plug into the PC, wait until your windows show...
Once "Idiot Detected" is shown on your task bar, then click on your "My Computer" and you will have a new drive in your desktop. Then just drag and drop any digital files into the drive and that it... SIMPLE. With USD-Sage, you don't have to worry about studying for your pathetic exam, or having hard time remembering anything. However, the transfer rate will depend on how fast your brain process and also the storage will depend on how big your brain is. So, sorry for any of you pea-brain out there... less storage for you.

However, there are some minor advices if you transfer a file into your pathetic brain. DO NOT format your PC with your USB cable plug into your forehead... you will get amnesia or probably become vegetable. Please BACKUP your memory once a month and teach your housemate, partner or family to recover any memory lost from your brain. BEWARE of virus incase you are affected.

So... Buy USB-Sage and we all know... Knowledge is power... PS: Plug on your own risk.


Blogger Boringest :| said...

lol...this is a damn funny post!

where to buy?

12:43 AM  
Blogger HushNow said...

U can order tru here.. just give me your credit card

9:06 AM  
Blogger Seymour Cakes said...

Google will give one free next year, wait for it.


5:15 PM  

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