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Friday, August 12, 2005

Never meant to be any sort of Relationship...

In any relationship, whether with a friends, lovers, ex-lovers, colleagues or even ex-colleagues, I find it rather funny why none seems to last for me. When it comes to breakups, I always seem to think that I was the problem and it always got me to wonder why or what went wrongs. In any given relationship, I always thought that I had it but in reality I had nothing but millions of scars to haunt me. However, it got me thinking about relationship, how do we know if one is committed to it?

Often, when it comes to people that I had known, it is either they are using me or wanting something from me. Stupidly, I always fall to where they wanted me to be. I'm not surprise when one will say hi to me and then wanted something from me. I'm not surprise when one will call me up once in a blue moon and ask me for help. I'm definitely not surprise when one will suddenly pop out of nowhere and jerk me around like they used to do. I've stop questioning myself for all the fail relationship I had. I know that I have spend endless of time making one happy, treat them like best friends and invest everything I had in every relationship and I am seriously tired of being broken over and over again.

When it comes to relationship, why do we still invest when we know there is no benefit in it? Why do we care for people when it is clearly that, they did not care for us? Why do we force ourselves to be with someone when that someone is using you and yet we still go back to that someone? Why do relationships have to be that hard? Relationship... Why can't it be like any fairy tales where everything start off a bit rough and end happily ever after? Why the other ways round?

I’m tired of listening to the same old excuses and broken promises when I already know the ending. Having said, after all the fail relationship, shouldn't I be any wiser. After all, I fall countless time and yet I stand up and move on but why can't I prevent myself from falling again. However, having said all that...relationship... is like scattered pictures of the smiles we all left behind. Smile we all used to give one another. If we had the chance to do it all again...tell me...should I give a damn.


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