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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How do we live our pethetic 20% of our life to the fullest?

When it comes to middle age people, we spend 80% of our time working so that we could spend 60% less headache when we reach our old miserable life. Seriously, when it comes to our other 20%, what do we actually have left? We barely had time to rest yet alone making our life interesting. Probably it is just me, but who doesn't want a nice house, fancy car, plenty of money to spend, or a job that pay well? Heck, I only want a single-sit sofa and that even cost more than my salary alone. Even living alone is F***ING expensive.

Anyway, back to the 20% of our miserable life, how do we live it to the fullest and yet still have the energy to go back to our 80% working life. I definitely don't want to be the kind of person that wake up every morning and go to work and come back and sleep and end up saying "That is the story of my life"…period (wait, that currently what I'm doing every single day...F**K). Every time, when I browse trough any magazine, looking at those hip and happening people going to some big event looking awe so fabulous and all the money they could spend... well, I wonder for a second, thinking at my current pathetic life... well, let's not even go there. How do these people do it?

Seriously, how do single pathetic being like me, living slash working in a city alone, can live life to fullest without worries, without depression, without imagine taking knife and cut my wrist and laugh in the toilet mirror (I'm joking). My friends think I'm pathetic and depress but what can they understand? They everyday go back to their family, and have tons of friends to hang out with. How can they possibly understand what single slash alone out-station people felt? My friend say that it is an excuse and excuse of us not mixing around. Not that I'm anti-social or un-friendly or didnt want to mix around but tell me, how to make friends in this 20% time we had left. Not to mention, like hell I'm going out and simply say hi and BAMP*, we are friends now... thank you so much for making my life interesting. Anyway, my 20% for today is running out... need to go to work... and that is the story of my life... temporary... for now.


Blogger Seymour Cakes said...

Damn TNS man.

It's never about living without worries, without depressions, without hurts or living without bills. The only fellas who can live that life are those sleeping six feets under now.

We live the best we can, period.

What's the best?

The best is when you are down and some friends cheer ya up or something makes ya smile back.

The best is when you tried the hardest, and even if you don't get what you want, you have come closer than ever getting it. The next round could see you on the winning podium.

The best is when you looked back, and you laugh about the silly days being down and out.

So, live the best you know how.

9:16 AM  

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