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Monday, July 25, 2005

Mister Sensitivity

When it come to certain situation whether it is good or bad, it seem that I always fall into the same loop hole over and over again. I have this habit of thinking too much possibility why a certain situation happen until I always end up with a list of negative judgment. To me, I was never a believer when it comes to people approaching me without a motive or what-so-ever stuff they wanted from me. Probably I'm exaggerating, but I'm sure that 95% of the people I meet never fail to prove that I am right. Am I being too sensitive or am I'm doing the right thing having a doubt to protect myself so that I won't drop as hard as to realize the truth when the truth have been predicted.

Sometimes I tell myself not to be so sensitive but I always end up being vulnerable and fall into the same trap over and over again until I'm back to my usual mister sensitivity again. However, sometime, my sensitivity get the worst of me until I never trust a person that mean well and I loose a good relationship with that particular person. Living in a city where everyone is competing with every single being out there, how do we identify a person that is "udang di sebalik magie mee" and the person that is worth having as a friend or even life companion? But then again, such people are like a needle in a haystack and I'm not that lucky to meet any of them anyway. So why put my guard down or should I?


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