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Friday, July 22, 2005

I Climb Tree More Than You Walk

Like any typical yamcha-ing session that I've been too, it always involve sitting in a time-capsule and go back to someone pass historical moment. The other day, PK was telling me how she misses the old days, when the time she would spend her time swimming in a river near her home, climb endless tree with her sister and even play tons of games which most of it I haven't heard before. However, in my mind, she was kind of like the Malaysian version of Pocahontas (well, now turning into Catwomen with her whip and also tight leather suit since the day she enter the KL city area).

However, it never fail to amuse me when some friends try to tell me how they ponteng school, get into a fight, run into woods, got chase by dog or any other stuff which kids in my previous time would do. When I look at myself, I somehow regret that I have grown pass that periodic timeline and regret that I never once did any of that stuff which my friends did before and I somehow envy them. When I compare with all my friends, I find that I am somehow pathetic. They spend their time swimming in a river with their friends while I swim in my private pool. While my friends were playing in the field, I was learning piano and oil painting. While my friends were out camping or school trip, I was stuck with my family going oversea.

Probably this is the curse for being the only son in the family. So, for the entire parent out there, born at least 2 similar gender kids so you guys can't keep track when one had gone missing. Darn it, I always ask my mum, why I don't have a big brother, why just focus on me. How sad?


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