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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here's looking at you kid!

Here's looking at you kid -Casablanca... Hmm, time is ticking off and although the past few days, was feeling kind of depress to leave but it is clear to me that I had make a choice. I'm not going to worry about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and the following days. For one and a half years I've been trying to believe and confide in different people I've found. Some of them got closer than others and some wouldn't even bother but what important most it that you guys appear. Everyday, you guys give me reason not to walk away, you guys made me stopped believing that I should run away, you guys too always seem to know where to find me and yet why am I'm still here behind you guys. Every time, I always depend on you guys to get me back on track but why do I get lost on the first place, where did I go wrong? Starting today, although I will fall, lost and fails over and over again but one day, I want you guys to see me as I am the man I will be. So, I am saying goodbye and thank you...


Anonymous glinar said...

hey` heading somewhere?
never give up and believe in yourself instead

1:14 PM  
Anonymous hyelbaine said...

Keep your chin up dude. Thing's does get hard from time to time, that's a part of life. I'm sure you're gonna turn out just fine ;)

Cheers!!! :D

1:14 PM  
Blogger HushNow said...

will do glinar ..going no where.. just leaving the company.... and hyelbaine... i hope u r right dude...

1:14 PM  

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