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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What is MuThAFuCkeRfUckShIT situation?

MuThAFuCkeRfUckShIT situation happen only when u...

Scene 1:
When you roll here and there in the middle of night and couldn't get any sleep and then end up like a freaking panda bear in the office. Then you don't have enough energy or the mood to do your work and with this one time mistake, you've been accuse being not productive the entire time you work in the company. To make matter worst, people think you got period or "MERAJUK" and all the F***ING problem is that you don't have enough sleep (that all) but somehow people so clever assuming other stuff.

Scene 2:
Having to drive a car for over a year and still don't know how to open the car bonnet and have to depend on a 40 years old aunty to help open it for you (that is just plain stupid and damn embarassing). Having to drive a car for over a year and still mistaken the air-conditioner is spoiled and take all the trouble taking it to the car workshop when the problem is that, the "A/C" button is not on.

Scene 3: (for those who know THEOCHEW only)
Cho kang, ching bo song, kui jit ho lang chap, kui jit ho lang kong bo coli. Limpek beh tahan pun chin tulan, buih tong liau ma tim puih lo. Tim puih liau pun ching kang koh. Ai tang noh leh guik ka wu tang chau. Itu pun mana wu lang ai chia lu cho kang. Tueh suih si, kong si kong limpek bo coli, tapi si pun mai ho limpek chau, ku ai extend limpek. Ka beh kua nia. Limpek ka wong mak kong, chi leh kongsi beh eong, ku kong limpek bo coli. Wong mak tiah liau ching tulan, wong mak kong "kaka kong wa eh kia bo coli, wa chi wa eh kia pui pui kaka kong bo coli, wa sue kau ee eh ka cheng sai lau chu lai". Limpek eh mak ching geng. Ku wu chi le mi kia ching ho chio, hu kian tua liap tau kong hu kian pukima kong limpek ching pun su, ching ho liau, tapi limpek hamik sai pun bo tan. Chi leh lang ah, limpek ya cha pak pun ai tim hu kai cha hui tam pok. Oh... ku mai kong, kaka lua limpek liak pak kian peng iu chau, kah beh kua nia... ee lang tak tiok sai kong limpek kanasai. Chi kai pukima... mm si lang pun mm si kui... sio chi le problem pun ching tau tia. Chi le MuThAFuCkeRfUckShIT hai limpek kuijit bo sim cho kang. Limpek tim puih ma tim liau lo. Ang chua ku ai cho limpek... limpek an chua io ma si chi leh small potato nia. Haiii...

Ps: Chris... good luck finding a translator for this...HAHAHAHA

Scene 4:
When you thought that you going to have a peaceful relaxing weekend and come back only to realize that your streamyx is down and couldn't online for 2 days which in the end you found out that it is not your streamyx problem but your network problem and take another 2 day to fix it. Once you finish solving it, thunder came out from nowhere and cause the house electric-jump which causes your switch and also your network card to go Ka-BOOM too and then have to spend 80 buck to buy a new hardware and fix it again.

Yeah, I happened to have plenty of MuThAFuCkeRfUckShIT situations which I find it ironic because all of these MuThAFuCkeRfUckShIT situations so happened to strike all at once on last week.


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