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Monday, May 30, 2005

Disappearing from the Picture!

What is these feeling I had right now? It is Monday morning and I'm sitting at my office desk and instead I should be working, I was drawn to the picture beside me. The picture was taken one year ago, when ten of us start joined this company. Every time when I look at that picture, it always remind me how young we all were and how each of us have change till this very day. One of us has left the company few months ago, one will be leaving this week, one will be leaving next week and the following will be me. As I look at the picture right now, although ten of us are in there, but it seems that one by one is slowly disappearing from the picture and in the end, there will be no one left but just a plain white picture.

As I remember back of my primary, high school, college class picture, it didn't really matter much and it is just a silly picture which I wish or was glad that these period of time was over and I didn't need the picture to remind me how pathetic I was back then. However, why now or why this picture... seriously speaking, I didn't have the heart to leave this company mainly because I didn't want to leave my colleagues. I didn't know whether I will be able to find the same colleagues again in the next company. Anyhow, looking at the picture right now, I will definitely miss most of the colleagues here (not all, got one muthafucker which I wish to forget though..hehehe). Come to think of it, before I leave this company, I think I plan to re-take the picture of ten of us again for all time sake.


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