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Thursday, April 07, 2005

My very own motivation for Freash Graduates out there...

Was driving to work and the radio was talking about some issue about fresh graduate being unemployed and also what an employer is looking for. I wanted to called in the radio and share my some sort of point of view of being a fresh graduate but I guess I'm too lazy to do it. Anyway, I'm sure that many fresh graduates out there is having problem in getting a nice and decent job and seriously, being picky...well, that is one thing everyone is doing right now (so don't worry). People might say that generation right now are picking their job but lets face it, the senior is doing so right now and who are anyone to judge anyone actually.

However, being a fresh graduate, I must say that you guys must venture this working world with everything you got and be brave to try just about anything. Find the one thing that interested you and go all the way. Went you have the opportunity to get an interview, try to be confident, be friendly and give the interviewer the feeling of your willingness to work. For those IT students, I know that most of us are scare that whenever we go for an interview in any software house, we tend to get a test and again, if you didn't know the answer, just answer the question and make sure you complete it whether or not the answer is right or wrong. I'm telling this is because in my past experience, most company say I that I answer 90% wrongly in their test (that time I think I'm screw up big time) but because of my willingness to answer everything, they are willing to give me the 2nd interview and by then, I fully used my people skill to make them like me.

Getting a degree or a diploma is actually nothing but just a passport to get you an interview (but that doesn't mean you should fail your qualification). Heck, I even fail my degree and still I manage to get plenty of opportunity out there compare to all the pass-with-flying-color degree students and this is because I dare to go out there and prove that I'm worth it. I'm not trying to be boastful or anything but what I am trying to say that, with any qualification, there are ways to get an interview and if you got it, make sure you are 100% confident enough in the interview session. Another problem with fresh graduate getting unemployed is because of their lack of communication skill. I know many of my friends who wouldn't talk in the interview because they think their English suck like hell. Well, screw them, like I say before, be brave and confident and talk even though you suck at it. It is the willingness the company is looking for. My English is bad too and the funny thing is, some interviewer happen to be considerate enough to speak mandarin to me when I walk in the room but sadly, I dunnu how to speak mandarin and so I stick to my so called rojak English (but try not to be so rojak).

Anyway, I do really hope many fresh graduates got what they wanted and end ups doing the thing they like and don't let any low self-esteem get into your way. Just think that you are as good as anyone else. We ain't let nobody getting in our way and this is our own future we are talking about and hell with anybody who think otherwise. Remember, just be confident, be brave and be willingness. Oh yeah...SPEAK UP...for goodness sake...let the whole world know you are coming and ready to rock on...peace y'all


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