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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Border - Malysia Biggest Bookstore and the Biggest Dissapointment

In life, it is all about competition... Who is better, bigger, tallest, bla bla bla? And now, "Border" makes it ways to Malaysia as the biggest book store ever. Since I was all-time-favorites of Kinokuniya, I though I might as well check out this place and sadly to say, my first step in "Border" was a total disappointment. I heard from a friend that "Border" is some sort of real-life connection with but the first impression I got from "Border" was walking into a POPULAR book store instead. The interior and design of the entire store is worst than I thought (even MPH is far better than this). It felt like buying a Polo t-shirt from a Reject Shop.

Anyway, "Border" consists of two floors which surprisingly, I think that half of the books in both floors are the same and to make matter worst, all of books/sections are not properly organize (it is like a maze inside and there are some worker in there actually stand there waiting for your enquiry and personally directed you to the book section... Seriously, hired a good interior designer and for goodness sake... put a sign). Speaking of the books, I was shock to death that every books in that store is not wrap up properly and sadly to say that most book are being abuse by customer. I was a big fan of comic and usually I will be caught dead holding a properly wrap up comic in Kinokuniya which cost 50 above plus me drooling there wondering what is the content will be. However, in "Border" comic's section, I was surprise that most comic are not even wrap up and worst of all, because of customer abuses, I found many comic are either torn or badly bended.

Seriously, many people would spend their time there sitting comfortably and read the entire book without people bitching to them and this customer will not even cross their mind to buy the book also. I know that many people read book freely in Kinokuniya and I am not trying to be bias but seeing the horror and the pain of every comics in "Border" is really killing me. Not to mention, people can also take the book and go Starbuck and sit there reading it without paying for the book. I couldn't help but wonder, is "Border" the new library with no membership needed? But then again, to those who spend their time freely in "Border" as a customer, please... it is good that you can read the book freely, but please take care of the book. My god, you should have seen my face when I discover the very limited edition of Marvel's Legacy Virus comic book is torn at its cover. This is too much... STOP THIS MADNESS!!!


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