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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Working Life - Part 1: Life without cubicle...

Sometime, I keep wonder what it would be like working in a cubicle. This would probably mean I have all the privacy I wanted and the entire empty wall beside me to stick all kind of silly photos and postcard. Working as I am now, I always face my colleagues (I didn't mean it in a bad way) and luckily all us of are crazy enough to do all sort of silly things and definitely in times when pressure arise, it felt like there is somebody being there beside you. Of course, in term of anything we do are out open for everybody to see. Sometimes, I pity those who stuck in a cubicle and if it was for me, I would probably feel isolated from the other team and this would be the end of gossiping with colleagues. Anyway, speaking of gossiping, I think that everyone is thinking that I am the "Gossip King" but seriously, I always end up knowing too many stuff which I personally didn't want to be any part of it. Sometimes, there are secret being told and little did I knew it; I have like tons of secret in my head wanting to explode. Not that I want to gossip, but usually I like to talk to people and care for certain people...but does that equal to gossiping. This is frustrating... but I can't be bother by it.

Lately, I've being experiment with lots of designing and flash (not part of work but just do it for fun) cos I was bored to death doing nothing during my free time and it been so long that I ever do any flash animation. Anyway, being trying to do the flash loading (fail!) and more user interactive (again fail) flash but sadly, I don't know any flash script. Currently, my mind has been occupied by java, strut and hibernate so I can't be bother by any other language now. Anyway, enjoy my flash animation...I suck...HAHAHAH...but it was fun though...


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