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Friday, March 18, 2005

Work in a company is no fairy tales...

When it comes to work, everything falls to your very own performance. How would you dress the part, your attitude toward clients or even colleagues, and most importantly, your professional work that lead to other people perception on your work. However, it got me thinking about working attitude, no matter how hard one try, it would seem sadly for me to say that the company wouldn't notice you at all. As long as you bring money to them, you will maintain your stability in a company. During the last past years, statistically study show that in IT business, it is very hard for fresh graduate to get a decent job. At first, fresh graduate were blame because of their lack of experience and definitely their choosiness to get a better job. This however, become a whole big deal although I find it rather bias because let face it, the company itself are choosy too whether if they hire or even stingy attitude when it comes to their own employees.

I find most of the time that employees have been working their ass off and still in the end got nothing in return. It felt even worst if your friends tell you their fairy tales of how they got their bonus, increment or even promotion and live happily ever after. I couldn't help but wonder, whether is there really a happy ending working in a company or was it a false believes to motivate us to believe that one day we would have our very own fairy tales. Since the emerge of technology, there seems to be a lot of opportunity out there for others employee to simply jump from one job to another job but it got me thinking, why wouldn't one simply stop this nomad way of working once and for all. People are all about physiological needs. They want stability, motivation, challenge and most importantly a financial support to provide their daily basic need to them or to their love one. How hard is it for a company to provide such a thing when a company can earn million dollar of projects and still be stingy when it comes to their employees?

I have a talk with my supervisor the other day and basically try to find out what would his opinion be when it come to matter like this. He told me that in a company, even if the performances of each employee are equally high, not all would get promoted or increment because some would have to scarify to be the lower standard people to handle certain jobs. So, I didn't know whether it applies to other company as well but if this were the case, this would mean that it all depend on the luck and the connection we had with the upper management in order to get a promotion. If performance is equally high, wouldn't this mean at the very least, the other who didn't get any promotion would at least have an increment? Anyway, probably I am being too naïve to believe that a company would ever see the goodwill in each of their employee.


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