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Thursday, March 10, 2005

In the mood for Change!!!

Recently I have come to a stage where I think I want some changes in my life. Probably hit some pub or disco during the weekend or probably hang out more rather than stay at home in my room. Not only that, in term of career, I felt somehow I need some changes too. Previously, I know nothing about programming and the feeling of getting some algorithm working was kind of a big achievement to me and I felt happy. I found it very funny on how small something can really motivate someone. Lately, I have the urge to do something else that probably won't have to involve any programming at all. I was thinking of advertising instead.

Sometime, when I drive trough a big billboard or a good TV commercial, I always wonder why I couldn't do that or even think I could do better than that. Sometimes I wonder, having one day, passing trough a big billboard advertisement design by myself, I probably will feel happier than solving a programming problems. However, having the heart for great design, I still lack of experiences and proper mindset to perform some pieces. I find it very hard to incorporate other people ideas or company look and feel because everyone have a very different concept of what look nice to them.

I define my art at my own term and I like to draw it according to my mood because this is how I feel and art should be sincere and it should represent the painter feeling. Even a great painter, for example Picasso can draw garbage and still call it art and probably worth a million dollar. Anyway, who am I to judge? In my current stage, I still have no idea what I want but what can I say, wanting to have something mean this is a risk I think that everyone will have to take. At least if it will make us happy...


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