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Monday, March 21, 2005

How desperate can you be?

This particular weekend was totally a disappointment, I was thinking of crashing to either one of the big event such as the prodigy, or the F1 something at dragon bar, force of nature or even red generate but I end up doing noting instead. However, during the weekend, my friend introduce this so called web-chatting called MIRC to me and since I got nothing to do, might as well try for fun since I never play kind of stuff before. Idiotically, my friend led me to this chat room full of crazy people lusting for sex. I still couldn't believe it how desperate one can be. I thought for this kind of chat would end up something we call as cyber-sex which I am not that keen to but during the chat, I notice that many Malaysian people are so wildly open and desperately enough to meet up instantly and have nothing but sex.

Seriously, I mean, meet up with a total stranger and not to mention, "Female" and have this sort of thing. Probably I'm way pass my time and living 20 years in kampong, I could never indulge myself to do this kind of stuff and here I thought that meeting a total stranger in bar was bad enough, this cyber chat was way too much. Anyway, my idiotic friend go and type my hp number for this crazy people while I was gone for like 2 minutes and end up my hp couldn't stop ringing whole night. Mostly girls called up and wanted to meet up right away and not to mention how desperate their voices are. Some even start seducing on the phone and make all those horny voice which I find it very funny and somehow turn on but I end up scolding them for not having any sense of morality.

If I recall correctly, there were 3 guys calling me up and wanted to meet up for sex (bunch of gays...weirdoes) and I get even frustrated and start scolding them like mad people. The thing is with this cyber chat, we never know who one the other side is and that show how dangerously enough this kind of thing will do to other. Anyway, I played for like 15 minute plus tons of phone calls and that it, I had enough and I couldn't understand why my friend were so hook up with this sort of thing. Probably he is too the desperate type of people...weird asshole.


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