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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Speaking of wanting to change and be spontaneous, it is something which I think I could never ever get to do easily. For one point, many people say I critic too much and never for once think the positive side of that particular something. Well, that is true and so I quit until yesterday night, I met a bunch of people who accidentally have the same concept of criticizing as me which btw steam up my biological being which lead me back to non-stop criticizing all over again. It is like wanting to go on diet and suddenly a big pile of delicious food appears in front of you. However, it got me thinking about criticism, when one treated you badly, could I indulge myself to treat them bad as many as I could or in this case criticize them as badly as possible.

Seriously, lately, I been having called from my ex-college mates which for once I knew they hated me and never called in a million year and yet suddenly, out of nowhere, they called me up and acted like we were best friends. Anyway, some called to ask me whether we would like to have some gathering and do some catching up but the funny thing is, they wanted to meet in karaoke. I didn't know they want to catch up in singing or talking. Some even wanted to meet up at some mamak stall just because I think they wanted to sell insurance to me or probably wanted to see how bad my career have gone. Some even called me up and ask me to join them to go holiday's trip to Melaka which I think (mostly right) that one of their so-called pathetic member have left them due to some excuses and they all are desperately in need for another person to covered up their expenses charge which is me.

So as pathetic as my life can be, where is the positive side in all of that? Even if I can change and compromise with them, I knew that for once that I would be the dumb guy who end up following them and had another worst experience and pity my friends which I think they have to compromise listening to me complaining for hours. Well, although criticism is a bad thing and there are such thing as karma, so I guess I better off with less criticism but at least once in a while a little criticism could enlighten and somehow make us happy at some point.


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