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Sunday, March 27, 2005

a Bag of Salad!!!

The other day, I was in the middle of watching "Gilmore girls" and I couldn't help noticing the thing they eat. I frequently saw the Gilmore keep taking out this bag of plain vegetables out from the fridge, open up and just plain eating it (Weird!!!). Not only that, some of the movie I saw, I often notice how westerner go to restaurant and order a plate salad fill with slices of tomatoes, carrots and a few piece of vegetables and that it. I was even surprise when they do all the Yummy act while I was in the middle of my "char kuew teow" (wish I could show them my YUMMY FACE instead). I'm often curios how they could just eat it raw without anything else on it, not even with any dressing. In each every scene or that in that particular moment in the movie, I often think that probably the movie budgets were too high until they have no money left but to stick with just plain tomatoes.

Anyway, I was planning to go on a diet for this couple of month to shed off some weight and while slowly crawling in the food section while pity myself, I notice this salad section and was surprise to find lots of salad packaging on the shelf. A box fills with baby tomatoes and some green/black vegetables (exactly what I saw in TV) and cost around 4 buck above and was shock to death. Seriously, being a shopping person, I didn't even notice such a shelf ever existed. I though that salad or vegetables are lay out like what they did in "pasar" but this is just so weird. My jaw actually drop dead to the ground while my eye just staring at that shelf waiting to pop out. Anyway, I still think that the price is a little bit too expensive for just a bunch of vegetables and I couldn't believe I ever browse to that section. Anyway, I don't own a fridge, so I probably can't buy it anyway. This is such a bummer; have to drag my sorry ass back to the gym again. Why do some people get so lucky, eat as much as they can and still maintain their shape. This is soo shitty!!!


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