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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Living in a city area, I never for once expected fresh air, thanks to all the pollution but I guess that the price I have to pay for wanting to live in a fast pace environment. However, in the recent weather, it seem like we are living in a sauna room plus lots of unwanted haze and it somehow badly affected my originally “kampung“ being. Meaning, the hot weather which indirectly torch the Malaysian forest, which produces lots of haze, which adds up with the air pollution in KL, which equal to the red spot on my ultra-sensitive skin. So, not wanting to walk around looking like a big tomato, I decided to purchase some facial product to help reduce the itchiness and also red spot on my face. I end up at KLCC‘s I-Setan cosmetic department and start looking for any product that will suit my sensitive skin but I end up noticing many pretty cosmetic sales girls instead. Thanks to my male-biological craze for pretty girls, idiotically of me, I end up purchasing RM400 facial product from Shiseido counter (This is BAD…really bad…shouldn‘t have let the sales girl hypnotize me). Not only the weather is turning me into giant walking tomato, my very own Streamyx is down too. I didn‘t know what happen with Telekom, but with the no-access-to-internet have left me with “boringness” during the past weekend. I probably think that fate itself is playing with me. Knowing that my face fill with red spots, fate purposely make my internet access down so that I have nothing to do in the weekend and make me go out scaring the world with my face. This is so pathetic…I am Tomatozilla!!!


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