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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I was on my way back to my home and saw this beautiful flower with green seed hanging on it. I thought it was pretty and it suddenly got me thinking about a song sang by the late Anita Mui called “Nu Ren Hua” meaning Flower Girl (I think…my Chinese is bad, so forgive me if it mean other thing). Anyway, I remember listening to this song back then and somehow come out with a pathetic sad love story movie. Well it goes something like this.

My version of this particular movie is film in the olden Shanghai, China and everything is in black and white except for the main actress?s cheongsam (which is in red).

When the music started, the story goes…

It was late at night in Shanghai‘s town, and under the lonely moon, there was this young man (Mr. A) sitting at his trishaw. When suddenly, a man (Mr. B) approach Mr. A and asked him to take Mr. B and his lady (the red cheongsam girl) companion to a famous night club in Shanghai. As Mr. A come out from his trishaw, he saw the cheongsam lady and instantly recognizes her. The cheongsam lady was his past lover which got separated from war 10 years ago. Of course the cheongsam lady didn‘t recognize him that moment and Mr. A was too afraid to approach her. So Mr. A carried both Mr. B and the cheongsam lady in his trishaw to the night club.

Once they reach the destination, Mr. A quickly hide his trishaw at the black alley of the night club and try to sneak in the club and that is when he saw the cheongsam lady singing on the stage (that when the chorus part started and the cheongsam lady sing it). After the show, Mr. A again sneaks into the dressing room and then confronts the cheongsam lady. Surprisingly, the cheongsam lady still kept her feeling for Mr. A all this year and she shed some tears of joy because she finally found Mr. A. Of course, both lovers knew the risk they take because the cheongsam lady‘s current lover (Mr. B) is the head of a famous Shanghai mob.

However, both Mr. A and the cheongsam lady secretly meet up a couple of times but on one unfaithful night, Mr. B caught them. It was then; Mr. B‘s henchmen separated both the lover and drag Mr. A to a dark alley and start beating him up. The cheongsam lady was crying and begs for mercies from Mr. B, Mr. B ignore her and then take out his gun and prepare to shoot Mr. A. As, Mr. B shoot, the cheongsam lady rush in front of Mr. A and she got shoot. That time, everything when slow motion, the cheongsam lady slowly fall and memory started to flash back the day she first met Mr. A. Finally when the song almost finish, Mr. A grab the cheongsam lady and start crying because this time, the cheongsam lady was gone forever.

End of music.

I know…I sound pathetic and crazy…HAHAHA…and lots of wrong spelling and grammatically incorrect everywhere. Anyway, back to the picture I took. My hand was a bit shaky, that why the flower seems blur… anyway, hopefully in future I will get to take some great picture and share it in my blog and dun worry, no more crazy story.


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