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Monday, February 21, 2005

HOt! hOt! HOT!

Feeling so hot right now…wish I could just climb up that damn coconut tree and get myself some fresh coconut. Weather like this, I wish I was in my suffer pants and sun-tanning at the beach right now plus zillion of fresh coconut water. Instead, I‘m stuck sweating in my G2000 summer collection working cloths and worst of all, WORK. MY GOD…what happen, why suddenly everywhere feel so hot. I can actually fry an egg on the street itself. Not to mention, the office‘s air-cond is not working since last year and nobody care to fix it. FUCKER…even the air-cond have more holiday leave than me. SO DAMN HOT. It is making me dizzy and I can feel my skin cracking. Time like this, I really wish I had a refrigerator at home so I can stuck my head in it. GOoDNeSs…somebody pass me some ices…I‘m melting.


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