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Saturday, February 12, 2005

High School Reunion

During Chinese New Year, many of my high school friends would usually meet up at this time of year and have a little of what we all usually called a gathering party. It‘s been more than five years since I left my high school and had never been to any of the gathering party in any of those years (because I was never invited and I wasn‘t popular back then). Anyway, this particular year, I was surprise to get my very first invitation although I wasn‘t sure I wanted to go or more importantly why now?

However, the party was going to ended soon and then only I got my first invitation from them (this is so pethetic). During that party, I notice that most of my so-called friends didn‘t change at all (include their so-called fashion style). The party start turning into nightmare when, most of them started to gather in a circular form and then start to introduce themselves like a bunch of pathetic problematic people in a small counseling group. We have to start of with our name (DU-UH) and then follow up with what we are doing now. Imagine this, everyone is in their mid-twenties and we sit around like a bunch of kindergarten kids saying “My Name is…” No wonder Emenim first single got no.1 hits back then in US Billboard.

I couldn‘t help but wonder, being in a high school reunion party, is there such an excuse for us mid-twenties adult to act like a bunch of teenager again. Then again, why introduce ourselves when most of us know everyone at that party. The hilarious part was, most of them are anxious to start first and give all the unnecessary sign to let them began (bunch of weirdoes). Anyway, I was kind of disappointed with the gathering and pity them instead and pity myself for dragging my sorry ass to that party. What was I thinking?


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