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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chinese New Year Feast

The one thing I‘m am definitely sure about Chinese New Year is that “dieting” is definitely out of the question. During this festive season, foods seems to be everywhere and from where I stand, the amount of food I ate so far can actually feed a herd of cows for probably 2 years. Anyway, every Chinese New Year, me and my mum would either prepare abalone dishes or shark fins soups. We would usually take this moment of opportunity to prepare either that 2 dishes with many different styles. This year, we have to prepare shark fin soup (pic-left) and this time, we go for something original and added some fresh bean sprout and slices of hams on top of the soup (may I say, it taste heavenly).

This year, yet again, I didn‘t get to “Lou Sang“ (pic-right) with my own family and yet again, thankfully, at the very least, my close colleagues celebrated it with me this afternoon. It was nothing actually but at least now I can tell other people that I have actually “Lou Sang”. In the evening however, I got my very first time experience gambling during Chinese New Years together with my 3 very close colleagues. It was very enjoyable and I did win a little bit of money…hehehe


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