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Monday, February 07, 2005

Being Bully by own Relative

There come a time when one must go back to his past and face it. For my case, that includes a tyre puncture at Rawang and a near death experience for being an initial D-wannabe at the highway. Anyway, the worst is yet to be expected. As I reach my home, as usual, both my parent still arguing over a small stuff and what can I say, “Home Sweet Home”. Then as expected, I have to start cleaning, cooking, baking, and decorating the house for this Chinese New Year. Everything was expected except one thing; meeting my own relative before Chinese New Year. Believe me when I say this, my relative are the nastiest people around and abusive too. I already compromise with my parent that I will only meet them once a year during the first day of Chinese New Year but thing got out of hand and I have to have dinner with them.

The thing I had with my own relative is that I was always the center of attention. They will start off with how fat I am, then I will die soon, and how stupid I am (this is not my interpretation; they say it out loud, in front of everybody). Anyway, when the food arrived at the table, I always have the habit of waiting for the elders to take first and then it will only be my turn. However, this time, my dad took first and then he pass it to my plate and I of course, reply thank you follow up with the criticism from my relative saying that I‘m a useless son for not taking food for my own father and waited him to take for me (EXCUSE MOI, as if I plan that…). Then one of my aunt, go over to my sis and tell her how useless I am, so please tell me, how pathetic that is. Anyway, the one thing I notice during the dinner was, every son and daughter of my father side family is wearing thing same shirts (courtesy of my BITCHY aunt), and then she continue saying how nice it is to see everyone wearing the cloths she bought and pity me because she didn‘t buy one for me because she say I was too fat for it. Anyway, since I couldn‘t take the insult anymore, I told my aunt that I pity everyone for wearing something from the night market (seriously fashion suicide) but I was happy enough that everyone is complimenting me for what I wear. The one thing that I can always amuse everyone in my family is to dress too well for each occasion and that night I wear a RM 300 over vintage cloths with Armani label hanging out purposely to show it off plus a big jade necklace to go with the dressing (I wouldn‘t care less with the RM 5 buy 3 free 1 shirt and seriously, I wouldn‘t caught dead wearing that shirt.).

Anyway, my aunt was angry for not able to fully 100% humiliate me in front of everyone, then she took out the next big thing, which is asking her husband (only can speak mandarin and Cantonese) to speak with me. Ancient time, I didn‘t know how to speak the language because I was from the Malay school (my bitchy aunt always say I‘m useless for not able to speak Chinese and also scolded my mum a few times), but thanks to some of my few friends and 2 years of practice, that night everyone was shock to hear me speak mandarin plus a few “Tiu“, “Mahai“, “Soh Hai“, “Hai Yeh” (courtesy of my colleagues) and everyone was speechless. Damn, I am so proud of myself. Anyway, my mum wasn‘t trill by my misbehaving toward my relatives but I just couldn‘t stand there and let them bullies me blindly. Relative is still relative. Respect is not something somebody expects from me to give just because somebody is older than me. They have to earn it, regardless the blood too. I stand by my word and I‘m not afraid of them.


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