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Monday, January 03, 2005

Why do men window female shopping?

When a male friends ask me to go shopping with them, it only means two thing; 1st company him to go window female shopping and 2nd company him to go window female shopping. Although I find such activity is such a waste of times and foremost I don‘t really know why every male friends of mine like to do so but I always left them sitting alone while I go shopping myself. For me, I like to watch other people mainly because I like to observe the attitude and the fashion styles of each individual but I observe while I shop not sitting at one corner and suddenly turn into some self-stalker machine. However, having to ask all my male friends about their unusual activities, I find something which is quite rather interesting facts over their view of women.

Male Friends: Dude…this girl is so fine… I like the way she wear, almost as she is wearing nothing at all.

Me: Then, why not buy one for your girlfriend…I bet she will be DAMN fine too…

Male Friends: No way dude, I ain‘t let nobody sticking their eye at my girlfriend.

Me: Then what the FUCK you go stick your eye on someone‘s girlfriend…

It suddenly occur to me that, in men point of view, when a women is single, they can wear anything they want but when they illegally immigrate to mars, does the rules implies that they should covered up and live as a fugitive. Even so, if women have to live up to the men expectation, then why there are no rule applies to men either. How come, men still roam freely to sick their eyes in somebody breast even though they have a girlfriends. Anyway, maybe I‘m been too harsh on my male friends but I still couldn‘t get over the fact what is the whole big mystery about their favorite activities? It‘s just women breast not the sphinx.


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