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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Web Service - Axis (HELP!)

Finally, I‘m not depressing anymore. I don‘t have red spot on my face anymore because of some stupid allergy. Now, I could officially announce that I am PANIC right now. Why? First, some java architecture or framework needed to be done and I am part of the team and I don‘t have time to depress. Second, my team is going into strut, spring, hibernates and lots of other cookoos stuff which doesn‘t ring anything to me. Third, I need to do some research on this web service called “Axis“ which shamefully of me as a programmer never ever heard of it (that includes web service). So yeah, I can start to panic now. When we‘ve been given a task to understand how strut, spring and hibernate works, I didn‘t understand any of it even though my colleagues explain it to me (hehehe). Then, I finally got a module up using S+S+H, which I find it very useful and easy to use although I didn‘t know what the hell I‘m doing. Then, I play around and still got my thing to work which is a good sign, but still have no ideas why it work. Apparently, simple html tag and some iteration and some collection provide what I want (together with strut). Imagine, 4 lines of code could show a table contain all the data I needed (cool).Anyway, still dunnu why it happen…have to understand and quickly wish for some miracles work to happen on my research on Axis by next week or else this so called Mr.God will laugh at me for complaining too much and apparently chop my head off. I think I have to prepare my “will“ right now. Who want my 17” Samsung LCD monitor and a collection of G2000 cloths (that the only item that is worth to me).


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