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Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is just me, or is everywhere seems to be so damn hot. Yesterday I woke up feeling hot and sweaty and here I thought that I‘m having a fever. I walk toward the toilet and shock to see that my face have red spot everywhere. My face feel so dry, itchy, rough and when I touch it, the skin just break and it hurt so badly (luckily it didn‘t bleed). I didn‘t know what happened because I never had any problem with my face before and truthfully speaking I never had pimples before and never need to wash my face and yet, still I can maintain perfect skin (I‘m not showing off…haha…but it is true). Then I though to myself, had my hormone finally kick in because I sometime think that I am retarded and couldn‘t get mature at all. I find it weird because everyone I know suffers from pimples during their teenage age and I on the other hand have nothing to worry about. I didn‘t know my face is allergy to something or just rashes but how come only my face is infected. I can‘t stand it anymore, felt like want to scratch my face now. Whenever I feel hot, the thing come out and now working in office is so damn hot and it is not helping at all. Our office aircond doesn‘t seem to work and now my face is all red. My colleagues freak out when they saw my face (this is so shitty). I went online and make some research and find out something quite shitty interesting. I saw some sample picture which quite similar to mine and it is called “sebum” and it was cause because of sweat, humid and DEPRESS. This is so shitty; it is like I already have enough depression all over me and it have to affect my face too. This is really shitty and discrimination…fucks it. I felt like a walking tomatoes right now…


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