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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Punishment for being a Fresh Graduate...

Yet, another Monday and truthfully speaking, (for the first time)I‘m not in the mood to go back to work anymore. Last week was pretty rough on me during work and not to mention that the perspective I had on this company somehow drop 50%. It started on my HR manager where she keep bullies me and my colleagues by sending warning letter to us without any reason. At first, it was nothing, but after getting 4 warning letters, I was furious. I find it rather abusive and un-professional of her to act in such a way. So I get that she is the No.1 most hated person in the company, but do she have to go around and “cari gaduh” all the time. However, that is not the point, I mean, she can come out with something like, if the employee is late for 3 times for 10 minutes, she will deduct our annual leave. Not to mention that we been working our ass until late midnight plus weekend and she told us that she didn‘t believe in working late and 10 to 15 minutes late is not exceptional.

I find it rather odd, because I for once knew that many senior in the company is always late and when I did point out these issues, she scolded me back that I shouldn‘t have compare with senior, just because I‘m a fresh graduate and have no rights in voices out any opinion. In other word, is being a fresh graduate give the opportunity for this kind of people to abuse us? Even so, does this give them the right to come out with stupid rules? I take this matter to the director himself and was hoping that at least he would understand my situation (and I want justice), but it seem that he stand on the HR manager side as well. So as you can see, I lost every hope I had in this company and to think that I scarify most of my time to work in this company and all this while, I didn‘t felt being appreciated. However, after the bad incident, they all decided to have employee appraisal this week and since my reputation been down the drain, I have no ideas what is that fucking HR manager is going to do next or what will I do next.


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