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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Old Nazis with M16 guns....HELP!!!

I used to think that older people are all about wise and wisdom. Are they? Ok, maybe I‘m a little too harsh about the whole thing but when someone older than you tells you that when you have any problem, you can refer to them. Can they? I did eventually and give these old Nazis the opportunity to shot me down with their M16 gun. Tell me if I‘m wrong, but recently there are some issues about some rules which we young generation fail to achieve and in order for this Nazis to discipline us, they come out with the silliest new rules ever. As for me (the cute and innocent boy who wish to venture this life), I couldn‘t stand over the fact that this rules is somehow STUPID, so I speak out my mind in the most innocent ways and hopefully that these old Nazis could accept my opinion and somehow do something about it. However, after I finished, they tied me up and they start shooting;

1st shoot : What do you know about life, you are just 23.

2nd shoot : When I was young, we struggle a great deal to get something, what are you, an amateur.

3rd shoot : * I couldn't remember anything because I suffer from blood lost and my head start spinning

4th shoot : * I think I'm going to pass out

5th, 6th, 7th, ... shoot : * I'm dead...

Correct me if I‘m wrong, but is this how the mighty wisdom people talk? Seriously, I was just expressing my opinion and do they have to insult me like that. I might be just 23 and just a programmer, but I do know a great deal of what is out there and don‘t worry grandpa, I have the whole time in my hand to enjoy my life not like someone with their dick wrinkles every hour passing by. WHAT THE FUCK with the “when I was young…” speech (GET A GRIP GRANDPA), don‘t tell me what is the whole drama queen of your struggling, my great-grandparent swam all the way from China, what is the fuck with your tiny struggling that your sorry ass couldn‘t take. And HELLO! We live in Y2K now. I understand that you‘re struggling and I‘m sorry for you but all that is in the past. A past where we all learn and hope never to repeat the same mistake again and build a better future and guild the young generation to the correct path of life. Grandpa can‘t just simply wear MC Hammer‘s pants circle now and tell me that back then it was a hip, it will be fashion suicide. It got me wonder, are we, the young generation somehow being punish for the struggle the elderly face in the past. All of this is just pure bullshit. Deep down, I know that not many elderly people act this way and I know a lot of nicer elderly people and I love them. However, let me advise you, if you ever run into any elderly Nazis wannabe…juts run, run for the sake of your life.


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