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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Multi-tasking is not the best policy in my future!

Like any typical company, it is either the end or the beginning of the year where every employee in a company must go trough a stage which we all know as “Employee Appraisal“. One of my colleagues however, was having a bad appraisal and that is probably because of her “mind her own business” personality. The upper management was quite worried that she would end up nowhere or not able to evolve in this company if she was to continues with her current attitude. After her appraisal, one of the upper management apologies back to her if he was too hard on her and explain to her that he had to do this because he wanted her to aim for a better future.

I was there that time and after listening to what the upper management had told my colleague, it got me to thinking about my own future. When I first started in this company, I had nothing, no experience, and no knowledge of what-so-ever is going on. Surprisingly, within this one year, I learn many programming languages, technical skill, graphic designing, technical documentation, administrative work, handling change management, conducting presentation and a whole lots more. At first, I was happy to get the opportunity to expose to all this knowledge and I used to think that all of this skill would probably help me in near future. However, after working as a multi-tasking technical consultant for more than a year now, I begin to wonder, will it really help? Exposing to all this knowledge is one thing but truthfully speaking, I barely scratch the surface of anything I done. Being involve in too many thing, I barely had the time to go deep in one particular thing and most of the time, I didn‘t know where I would end up. First do programming, then drag to do technical documentation, later presentation, and then programming again.

Seriously, being a multi-tasking technical consultant, it sometime got me confuse what will I be in the future. Will I be a system analyst, graphic designer, technical writer, or technical team lead? What really upset me was, I didn‘t get the chance to involve in one particular area and major in that area. I didn‘t want to involve in everything and then later, the upper management will look at me and probably think that I‘m not worthy enough to lead a team, or getting a promotion and instead stuck being the “small potato“ which is good at multi-tasking his job. This is getting annoying because there are many times; everyone in my company will look at me like a dummy and if I did something new/challenging and successfully done it, they would probably go “OMIGAW…you did this, u really did it…where did you copy from…or did somebody else done it for you”. This is really de-motivating and insulting. Anyway, I‘m still waiting for my appraisal. Hopefully it went well…bugger!


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