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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Awkward being the Third Wheel in a "Couple" of Relationship!

The other day, I have the rather unpleasant day of my life. It would seem that I been drag many times by my “couple” friends to joined them for lunch. From the entire time being the third wheel in their relationship, I find it very awkward because most of the time, I would sit there waiting for time to goes by while both of them cuddle among each other. So, while stuck in a situation like this most of the time, I might as well take this opportunity to interview them. It went something like this;

Me: Are you sure you guys are comfortable having me here with you guys?

Couple: Why not, we love your company and beside we are bored seeing each other too much.

Me (inside my mind): What the Fuck???

Couple continued: U know, it is like the entire time, it is always him, it is always her. BORING

Couple (in action): Cuddling…

Me: Get a ROOM

It then hits me, in a relationship, since when the single people are taken as hostage to make a couple closer. I used to think that relationship is like a fix deposit in a bank, the longer you save, the more interest you will get. However, in a relationship nowadays it would seem that the more time both side spend with each other, the more likely they would loose the interest among each other. Not to mention, couples are usually threaten by single people because the single people would have the higher probability to break their relationship NOT keeping their relationship (weird!). However, I still couldn‘t shake this feeling of being the third wheel and felt guilty over the fact that I wanted a girlfriend too not a “couple“ friends. I find it rather sad because I used to have a relationship and it ended rather disappointing and I don‘t need x-rated couples to remind me how good it was having someone to be there for me. Anyway, maybe it is hard walking in a single people shoes, that is why we need a “couple” of shoes to make us feel good…


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