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Thursday, December 16, 2004

What do we find in a Job?

There are times, when old friends meet together; we never fail to speak about our working life. So far, none of my single friends are happy about their work and the more I meet with each of them, they never fail to tell me that they wanted to change jobs. I‘m curious to know what expectation they want for each job they find. It sometimes sad that many of my friends couldn‘t find a decent job but when they do, I some how find it even sadder that they don‘t really appreciate their job. I maybe naive or what people say “we‘re not in other people shoe so we won‘t exactly know what happen with them” but still, whenever people ask me about my job, I would say I love my job because I really do. It always motivate me to come back working although there are some minor clashing here and there, but still I love this job. Mainly because of the people working around me that make me stay instead of out haunting another job like my friends. Some of my friend change job for 3 times last year because he wasn‘t satisfied with his company and it worried me because he is the type that aims for higher salary instead of working experience. Probably that is why people change so many jobs in one short period of time. It is sometime worrying because, it might not look good in our resume and with the competitor outside, our chances of finding a decent job could be jeopardize. I keep telling my friend not to change job frequently as it might give people the wrong ideas. However, what do we find in a job? I know there are a lot of hypocrites out there who wanted easy, nice environment and very high paying salary and just wish they sit their ass off every single day and these are the type that still don‘t have a job. They says, people will never know until a bus hits them but with more than 50% population hypocrites that are jobless, what chances the bus are going to hit them. In the current market nowadays, it is not for us to decide which job we want, but instead the job will decide whether we are worth doing it. I on the other hand still wonder, if I ever change a job, will have the same mind-set as I have right now.


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