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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

To Do or Not to Do!!!

I‘m in the state of confusion! When I started in this project, I have this kind of ideas how the project going to be (so do my colleagues) and yesterday, my CTO told me another thing which confuse me even more (so do my colleagues). I once thought that this project is huge and worried that me and my colleagues couldn‘t finish on time but it end up that we suppose to come out with a simple stuff to test another modules which is really silly because we all went through the wrong concept of R&D, documentation and whole load of stuff which I think it is unnecessary. However, once the mis-communication being sorted out, I on the other hand feel kind of useless. Why? I was suppose to come out with a static java image chart then later export it to JPEG and the problem here is that I‘m not that familiar with java and I have to wait till my other colleague finish his module only then I could used his data to produce the chart. After all this trouble getting the job done, which I‘m still in the process of doing it, I heard that later in this phase of the project, they are going to throw away my part and replace with something more useful. Yet another news was, I suppose to come out with this chart is because I need to test the back-end processing code whether it produce the correct data or not. So, being a useless programmer such as myself, I was thinking, what is all the point doing all this chart fuss where else we could display it in a table format to check the value is correct or not. Since they are going to use something better, why ask me do something just for displaying purposes (and it is not easy to produce the chart). So, I might be a bit over-reacting, and I could think that, this is an opportunity to learn some new stuff although it won‘t be used in this project. But still, I don‘t really like people using the term throwing away other people stuff which people put their heart into it. At least give some appreciation or something but no, just throw it away like some kind of reject shop. So, I am sensitive but still, I hate it. Some of my colleagues that work on other “will be rejected” module don‘t feel the motivation to continue further in this project because all our hard work will be thrown anyway. Again, people keep asking me how my module progress is and frankly speaking, I have no ideas. Should I proceed or should I stop at this point and just let it be. Anyway, will they going to implement it or not, I don‘t really care much now. I just continue doing what I suppose to do. At least I learned something and hopefully this will help me out in future coding.


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