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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Thoughtfulness of Christmas Present!

Yippee…yesterday evening, I was walking with my best friend and then suddenly he gave me a Christmas present which is my first ever Christmas present. I was speechless and although I‘m a little picky with what people gave me, but this present was prefect. Over this pass few year, I never did once receive a proper gift for any occasion. Most of my friends were never a fan of buying a gift because I probably think that they felt the troublesome to wrap it up and more importantly, what to buy. Even with Christmas exchange present, they always complaining about the price for the gift and would end up with an item cost 5 dollar plus the wrapping paper (well some end up buying from 1 dollar shop and didn‘t even wrap it up). I always get annoy because they didn‘t get the whole meaning of exchanging present (I don?t have any ideas too but I made it up). However, still… during Christmas, exchanging gift should be something from the heart, the thoughts that we buy for that particular individual with the mind-set of being thankful for having them as a companion in this short life. Sadly, to say, many of my friends are “KiamSiap” (meaning stingy) and they wouldn‘t understand the meaning of Christmas spirit. However, that night, while driving back, I felt relief to know at least one of the people that I cherish most have a Christmas spirit in his heart. BTW, my hand is itchy right now because the present is beside me. I wanted to open it so bad but my friend make me promise him to open it only on Christmas morning (ARRRGGHHH). Have a very Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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