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Friday, December 31, 2004

They shoot single people...don't they???

I was wondering, since when a public place is meant for couples/group of people. I find it very discrimination for people to look at single people with their pitiful look whenever single people hang around in the public places such as restaurant, cinema, shopping complex and etc. Maybe it is just me, but whenever I go to cinema or dining in a fancy restaurant alone, I always get annoyed whenever peoples keeps looking at me like I'm some sort of pathetic single being. Not to mention, most of my friends thinks that I'm crazy for going to cinema alone or having the concept of dating myself or went shopping alone. My friends in particular will go like this;

Friend: Where did you go?
Me: Cinema watching movie...
Friend: OOO...with whom?
Me: Myself...
Friend: OMIGAW...You go Cinema ALONE? It is rather sad...I wouldn't go if i were you

I mean, since when activity such as going to cinema, or even shopping must be done in pairs or more. However, I find it rather comforting to do thing freely with my own without having to worry about my partner or what other might thinks. Toward some extend, I find it rather silly, because of what other might think of us single being, many of my friends don't even dare to go mamak or kopitiam alone. Just because we are being with ourselves, are we somehow outcast by others? Even so, what with their eyes that keep aiming at us single being and shoot all sort of this unwanted feeling to make us unease. Well, I know for one thing, being single is fabulous and to hell to those keep staring at us...they are probably jealous of our fabolous-self.


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