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Monday, December 13, 2004

Soap Opera + Anime = The OC, North Shore, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist

What ways to spend your boring time without spending money? My answer would be spending endless time watching teen drama or soap opera with boxes of tissues just in case and load of chips. I didn‘t get it, most soap opera or teen drama is about their love relationship and all would end up with the similar scenario but different drama unless if we are into the peoples who act in it. I have a lot of collection of teen drama and the reason why is because the actress in it is so damn fine. I‘m currently watching “The OC“, “North Shore“, “One Tree Hill“, “Laguna Beach“ and whole lots more. However, my favorite soap opera is “The OC“. Season one was good although the fate of Merrissa and Ryan is a bit over DRAMATIC. What is more to say when, Merrissa‘s mum go kiss her daughter ex-boyfriend Luke and then marry Ryan‘s guardian‘s father. Now you see, why I say this show is too much. In season two, at least Merrissa‘s mum slow down on her dramatic episode but I just could bear the fact that Merrissa is dating with her gardener, Ryan is dating a Next-Door-Girl who end up to be his guardian‘s father‘s daughter. So basically, Ryan is dating his aunty. Too much drama and this show are sick. North Shore is not as much drama as The OC but you can see lots of business tycoon between who get to own the hotel and watching how Alex used her dirty trick to seduce other to fall off her game. Tessa is good too but lately she is tame by Franky and there is not much action anymore from her. OK, so much for soap opera, for those anime fans, Naruto is the most must watch anime in this season. It is a ninja kid who wanted to be the strongest so that people will recognize his existent and so far, he is doing fine. Now in the latest episode, we can see Chouji fighting one of 4 horsemen of Orichimaru while, Neiji, Naruto, Kiba and his Akimaru dog, and leader Shikamaru is on a mission to bring back Sasuke. Another anime which just catch my attention is “Full Metal Alchemist” where Ed and Al (both brother) try to resurrect their mother by using their Alchemist power. During the process, something went wrong and Al been suck into another dimension. Ed saw this and quickly cast a spell to save his brother but just able to store his brother soul into the nearest armor and by doing so, Ed lost one of his arm and leg where else, his brother live in a armor without a body. Ed felt responsible for his action and start begins his journey to become an Alchemist soldier, so that he could learn a combination spell to restore Al soul back to its own original body. Overall, these 4 shows that I recommend are the best. Anyway, don‘t watch too much because now I‘m getting addicted and wouldn‘t want to go anywhere but stuck in front of my pc. SAD!!!


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