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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sin CIty

Year 2005 is going to be a blast...why? Because, as you look trough, there are many new great movie lining up such as, Star Wars, Batman, Constantine, and one that really catch my attention is Sin City. From the trailer itself, I was amaze by the black and white dark alley theme with a good combination of a few bright colors that really bring out the modern/ancient type of show. It kinda gives me the feeling of the movie Sherlock Holmes plus Roger Rabbit (I know… I‘m weird). Another attraction is because; Jessica Alba is in it and also other great actors (Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood and etc) and actresses (Rosario Dawson, Alexis Bledel, Jamie King and etc). However, as I was watching the trailer, I couldn‘t help but notice the theme song for this movie. It felt dark, sensual, slow, and erotic and I couldn‘t help but keep on playing the trailer over and over again to listen to that music. Sadly, I didn‘t know who sang or the title of the song is, but I‘m still searching but have no luck at all. Anyway, this is one movie that make into my top ten 2005 must watch movie.


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