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Saturday, December 18, 2004

The principle of Equivalent Trade!

Ancient time, people often trades something of an equal value to gain something they wanted. People can‘t gain something without scarifying something and there is no such thing as having it all. When I was young, people always say that I was lucky and that I have everything. In certain part, I thought it was true because I always get anything that I ever wish for. However, having possession over these short term material needs, I never have a father that will be there for me whenever I needed him to be because he was too busy with his own business. I have seen many of my friends, who work very hard to earn enough living expenses for themselves and their family but with the cost of their life commit 24/7 to work. Some, who thought that their 6 month working experience is enough to manage their own company and with the risk they took without thinking the consequences, they face bankruptcy within 3 month. I couldn‘t help but wonder, in every aspect in our life, we gain something and we lose something, kinda like a win/lose situation and if we gain more than we bargain for, will we be punish for our act in changing the force of the equivalent trade?


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