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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The power of one Voice!!!

After a long break from projects and stuff, I felt that I am ready to dive into another new project which my company been endlessly talking about but take no action in it. I knew that I will be part of the team in this new project but I wasn‘t sure which module I will be place into. However, my company has taken a new approach to actually exposing most of us into research and development area which I think it is still new to most of us. We on the other hand have to start from nothing to something. Sadly to say that most of us don‘t communicate as much as we used too. Not many are actually happy with the new process because, none of us are familiar with it and the time limits…suck big time. I was hoping that someone will actually have the guts to voice out their opinion and try to negotiate with the project manager or the CTO himself to work thing around. However, none of us give a shit on what going on. Still, I find it sad and I knew that we will suffer most of it if we just let things the way it is. In this project, I was kind of piss with the task given to me which is handling the UI of the system and nothing else. I felt that I have proven myself in the previous project that I can actually do programming and I was hoping something more in this new project but I guess nobody knew it. Seeing my name there with the letter U and I beside my name was something I didn‘t expect and I could say that after seeing my task, I went total berserk. My colleague, alone been given the hardest module ever and he alone do it and I barge into my CTO room and negotiate a way to allocate more resource for him. Another meeting, which was the worst meeting ever and I on the other hand barge into my CTO room again and negotiate a better solution to pass the message to my colleagues. Seriously, none of the above is my business and I go all busybody trying to solve other people problem where else I couldn‘t even solve my own problems. However, what I‘m trying to achieve here is to let everybody in this project to work as comfortably as much as possible but I‘m scare that I‘m crossing the line or scare that my colleagues will think of me otherwise. Sometime I feel bad for barging around other people business but I can‘t help it seeing thing as it be and i know everyone is not happy about it and nobody is taking action or what-so-ever. However, I did voice out my problem to my project manager about my task and luckily, he was able to fix something better for me in this project. My CTO and project manager was also nice to hear me out and work around with me and provide a better solution for my colleagues which I really appreciate it. Again, I felt bad to intruded but I learn something for it. In any case, if we voice out, people might hear us and help us. I also wish that my colleagues will get along well with the management people and hope that they will voice out their opinion or else, nobody is going to know what is on their mind. Still, I couldn‘t get over the fact that whether I did the right or wrong thing…


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